Iris Music is a small family consisting of friends who all share a lifetime of dedication to electronic music. Through constant sparring and talent development, our family works as a creative platform for its members.

Our goal is to deliver high-end underground music with the same professionalism as the established mainstream music industry. With more than 10 years in the music business, we aim to keep on contributing to the growth and development of the electronic music scene.

We represent selected artists signed to Spin Twist Records, Iboga Records, Blue Tunes Records and TesseracTstudio.

In cooperation with the artists, we administrate everything from record contracts and bookings to press releases and accounting. We maintain our artists interests independent from, but in cooperation with, the artists Record Labels. This allows our artists to concentrate on the creative process of making music.

Phaxe (432 Records)
Morten Granau (432 Records)
Flowjob (Iboga Records)
Martin Vice (Iboga Records)
Hi Profile (Iris Music)
Lyktum (TesseracTstudio)
O.T.B (Spin Twist Records)
Metronome (Blue Tunes Records)
Beat Bizarre (Iboga Records)
Relativ (TesseracTstudio)
Makida (24/7 Records)
Copycat (TesseracTstudio)
One Man Orchestra (Inlab Records)